Migration Stories - Lwehla Say

LWEHLA SAY: Project Logistics Manager, Migration Matters Festival

I was born in Mae La refugee camp in Thailand, this is due to my parents fleeing the ongoing civil war in Myanmar. My race is known as Karen Tribe. We are very peaceful people with the most interesting and most beautiful traditional dresses and culture.

June 2006 marked the year I moved to England. It was a big culture shock as I went from sleeping in bamboo and leaf houses to comfy soft beds. From eating rice and fish paste on a regular basis to bread and butter. The first few weeks had been difficult due to language barriers and new foods. But as time goes on, I started to realise that Sheffield is a very multi-cultural city and provides very similar food to what I am used to eating.

I enjoy the fact that I am part of an organisation like Migration Matters that gives the people the opportunity to showcase their talents and cultures, I know this can be very challenging given the fact that I was a refugee myself.

I am looking forward to all the events because I know everyone from different cultures and background have been working so hard to make this festival successful.

I am very thankful for where I am now and for all the support given to me since moving to Sheffield.


Sam Holland